Monday, 14 June 2010

territory and tree scratches

bigcats seem to live in territorys for much of the year, although different species territorys overlap or contain each other.this ensures these mostly solitary animals can live without conflict over food or lying up places.females have smaller ones and, like leopards in africa,it,s probable that a male cat would have 2 or three females inside his own.they patrol not only the outskirts but also certain trails within,periodically marking as they go to let other cats, who may be passing through,that "this is their land".they mark mostly by urination,sometimes by scats and also,it seems at important places,by tree scratches highly visible and embedded with scent from the pads.this may also serve to show the strengh and status of the cat,particularly males.this is why sightings given to us are so important because we work out territory size and types etc in that area.

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