Tuesday, 22 June 2010

KGB Cameras

I,ve had a lot of emails asking what trailcam we use and why.For the past month we have been trialing an infrared digital trail camera from KGB Cameras.We opted,after about 6months research,for the M100 10megapixel model as the pictures zoom in very nicely to small details which is what we need.It,s waterproof,in camo colours and has a large lcd screen so setting up and framing shots is relatively easy.The 2gig card holds about 980 shots in superhigh quality and in an average week it takes 100 to 150 pictures,day and night,in bursts of three.Video mode is available.The battery lasts about 10days or so if you can wait that long to retrieve your pictures.It can be very exciting wondering what,s going to turn up.Everything,s adjustable including the sensor which is most important.The software with it is superb,picasa 3 which is compatible with blogger and a lot of other things,i,ve now switched all my photos to this software.The answer to a certain persons request to borrow it is "no,get your own!"as it,s out there 24 hours a day telling us what goes past it in 10 mp of detail.....UPDATE 1st feb 2010;Although i had no problems with my own one i,ve been receiving reports of a number of problems people have been having with theirs.The same faults keep on cropping up and so i can no longer recommend this make of trailcamera...........

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