Friday, 4 June 2010

devil,s dyke pawprint text

the pics show devil,s dyke and the pawprint found there.we had been following up half a handful of sightings on the downs north of brighton spaced out over a three week period.they all seemed to describe a large black leopard-like cat.on the 4th jan. i had a call from a local lady who,ed said she,d seen a cat jump through the barbed wire fence.i got there with the frost starting to thaw and followed the line she said the cat took and,on the opposite side of the field found this single pawprint.similar to one,s i,d seen before i sent them for verification.gerald legg of the booth museum,brighton replied"it certainly looks like a cat print,looks very similar to a cast i took of prints i found on newtimber hill a few years back.where did you find it?he asked.amazingly it was found at devil,s dyke,the next hill to the 2.5 times the size of a tame cat,s prints and no claw marks,bryan hale,bigcat researcher for 20 years and author said"looks similar to prints i,ve seen in north spain of a lynx"

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