Wednesday, 23 June 2010

lamb kills/south downs/22.6.10

Ireceived a call from a sheep farmer who,s had some lambs taken.Definitely not foxes, he said,as they,re at least half the size of the ewes.I showed up and straight away noticed several lambless ewes.I found a lambs foot and some fleece scattered about as well as the odd fresh bone.Walking the fence line the dogs marked several places where it looked like lambs had been pulled through the sheep netting(strange as bigcats tend to leap carrying their prey,however it was topped with barbed wire)Looking into the surrounding scrub a lambs carcase and two skulls were also found.The sheep as a flock didn,t look right,maybe ill at ease,they had a good 500 acres to roam in but didn,t have their heads down most of the time munching like they should be........
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