Wednesday, 16 June 2010

bigcat sighting near river

name and site details have been edited because the sighting is the subject of an ongoing investigation:on the 8th june this year,around 3.30 pm,a chap "d",a country-type,one who knows the difference between a crow and a rook from afar,was walking back from the river adur with his dogs through a he neared a fallen tree,his gaze was turned by a sudden movement and he saw the rear end of a dark ,possibly black cat moving stealthily away to the right.the bluebells had died down and he could clearly see the long tail,legs and cat paws of the knee high was about 50yards off.his dogs had either not noticed it or were unconcerned as they showed no willing to chase it.amazed by his encounter,he phoned a keeper friend who told him that whilst bigcats had been seen in the area from time to time, it was unusual for one to be seen in the daytime.....i was told this today and was completely unsurprised.i was in the area last thur. though not in that exact spot since the week before.i,d worked out that very wood was a likely corridor for a cat to move from "a" to "b" and had already had a sighting at "a" last year and thought it possible that a cat would b at"b"also at some time or other.eaten foxes had been found nearby.the trailcam has also been on duty for the past month not a million miles away so the area has been under investigation already.leaflets have been given out ,i ,d done farmwork there in the past and seeing as my connections with the place go back as a child,local knowledge might of been some almost feels like this cat is following me about as it seems to show up where i,ve just been......

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