Monday, 14 June 2010

rudder cat

this is a photo of what seems to be a type 3 rudder cat,lynx-like with a longish tail.they are a bit larger than a fox,about 16" at the shoulder,stocky and box-like in appearance.their gait when seen is mostly ploddy,domestic cat style with the head large in proportion to it,s body
and with large ears.the legs are thick and the tail also,rather like an otters.the fur,even in summer,is long and shaggy and usually brown or, like the one i saw near steyning bostal crossing the road,sandy ,rarely cream but not unknown.when people have described a confirmed sighting that matches this they are always amazed that a cat like this even exists.who knows where they originate from?they are the rarest cat to be seen,however i believe the west hoathly sighting to possibly be one.....

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