Tuesday, 15 June 2010

rudder cat attack

around aug 08.a mr p and his wife were walking their greyhound in the evening which went into the bushes and came across a cat.the cat was ferocious and scratched the dog badly on the foreleg.the dog then briefly had hold of it and the cat ran off in full view and was seen to be about "the size of a large fox with a large head and pricked ears,longish rough fur,medium length.very thick ,medium length tail with the legs also".the cats shape could be described as a box shape,square,not athletic.they rushed the greyhound to the local vetinarys as his leg was badly swollen.he was found to be running a temperature of 107f and the leg had become infected(common with cat scratches)gladly,in time,he made a full recovery.this happened at west hoathley in the valley,near church lane opp.finch lane.these peoples description matches ,near perfectly ,a rudder cat.it would of been nigh on impossible for them to make a description like this up out of research on the net as these sort of cats have never been described in such detail.they account for maybe 1 in 2000 cat sightings and are usually said to be lynx-type but with a longer tail as people tend to "fill in the gaps"with things they don,t know and tend to find it harder to remember the smaller details.they were amazed such an animal existed and wondered if it was a product of some sort of feline/frankenstein experiment.who knows?

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