Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Master buck rabbit at his spot

This master buck rabbit sticks to his spot throughout the snowstorm according to the trailcam pics.Where he sits he has already marked the place out with pellets and pee,it is a slighly raised piece of ground,distinctly higher than the ground around it,he has a bit of a territory here with 1 or 2 does hanging about.The next Master buck mound that i could find is at the top,middle of the picture and the other side of the bushes.Our rabbit here appears to be quite young as its ears are quite neat and not torn through fighting other bucks and he will spend most of the time that he,s not feeding by just sitting around here.Some years ago when this was found out by Lockley(he spent months observing an enclosed rabbit warren behind the house )it was ridiculed by(some,urban)rabbit warreners of the time,the "60,s i think it was."I,ve been criticised in my generalisation in formally saying all warreners as i,ve been told that Lockley only scientifically proved certain observations what country wisdom knew all along)" who said that in a field with 100,s of rabbits in it,there was no way that a single buck could lay claim to any ground with that much overcrowding,but even in those sort of conditions these buck mounds can still be found.I,ve only just put a cam here but this rabbit is nearly always in the picture,where he sits is also on a crossroads of runs and is as ideal a spot to put a cam as i,ve found till now but never really know how good a spot will be until the first pictures have been looked at and a decent set of animals has been picked up.Here,i,m really hoping for pics of a bigcat as there,s 1 well overdue in passing this way but it could just skip this parish and just be in the neighbouring 1 but there,s no harm in trying.There,s no deer here to attract a bigcat but there is good cover and a hell of a lot of rabbits.Since may now i,ve placed a cam either where a cat has just been or where i think it will show up and still no pictures of 1 and so i,ve come to the conclusion that seeing as a bigcats seem to wander about so ceaselessly,never hanging around somewhere for long and if they do ever return to the general area they may just as well be in the next wood and not this 1 and then move on somewhere else which is why they are so hard to track down.The best option could be to just have cams at the best spots where a cat could just pass by and leave it there as the odds are that at some point maybe not this year and maybe not the next but some day a gloriously black,bigcat will pass by captured,finally on a trailcam with good quality pictures to boot.That would be my plan anyway if i had enough cameras but for now they are nomadic,spending time here there and everywhere.Apparently,1 trailcam dealer told me that his firm alone has already sold over 100,000 cams and reckons with these sort of numbers of them out there now the bigcat mystery will finally be solved within 5 years ,at least with pictures anyway or it really will be a big mystery.They are being bought a lot now for peoples gardens who want to see what sort of wildlife is visiting their garden even when they are asleep like foxes and badgers and thinks the eventual pictures could well come from there .At present,there are no decently framed,in colour,closeup,well exposed pictures of a bigcat taken in Britain yet but that could change with the advent of the high quality trailcams that are coming onto the market.The sought after picture could be taken by 1 of these little gems.........

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