Thursday, 30 December 2010

Foxes and rabbit marking/trailcam

Everywhere i go i,m smelling fox and not surprising as they,re marking everywhere at the moment,in the 2nd pic i "marked"that tree when i checked the cam last(i know it,s best to keep camspots "clean" but,well i was bursting)in the 3rd pic at another camspot a vixen is marking near where the dog fox marked(blogged last week)Even caught the Master buck rabbit in the act as he was marking around his mound,in the last pic he is sitting preening himself with what i presume to be a doe in attendance,he did have 2 with him up till now so i wonder what has happened to her,there,s recently been fog so thick you can stand a spoon in it especially on the downs and fog is a foxes greatest ally, they can creep up on things quite easily as it seems to dampen their preys senses and they won,t run,on foggy nights i,ve heard rabbits and hares screaming blue murder as something,i presume foxes, has got hold of them and i wouldn,t be surprised if it helps the bigcats as well......


  1. Hi,
    Picked up on your blog via the OBN, strange how an American source led me to another British blog! Excellent pictures on the trail cam, I'm looking forward to following and delving into your past posts.

  2. That,s very strange,but it,s a small world,in Blogland.I,m really enjoying finding the different blogs in OBN...