Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Ashdown forest deer kill/pawprint/scat

As can be seen in the picture(to view a video of this investigation click the you tube box at the bottom of the page or go to You Tube and search "bigcatdetective")there are a lot of leaves down on the waters edge whereas elsewhere along the stream there aren,t.This is synonomous with the deer struggling at the stream crossing with the cat in tow and together both of them scraping the leaves off the top of the bank and only goes to show that sometimes the deer do struggle a bit while they are being caught by a cat.Fallow deer,however,are a little tougher than roe,a lot bigger and stronger even the skin on their neck is thicker.The estimated time of death is in a dark period when a bigcat would not be relying on it,s eyes so much as it,s other senses.As for the scat,to be honest,i,m not sure what animal it came from but it did have a lot of rabbit fur in it and was very green which would suggest the animal ate a lot of intestine some 6 hours or more before it came out.I really need to find a scat expert for this sort of thing or somehow hone my skills in it better for myself as it,s a very rare carcase where there isn,t some sort of scat lying very close to it.The pawprint i,m pretty damn sure came from a bigcat,everything about it seems right,i know it,s only a partial 1 but this whole scenario i have posted on this fits the bill.That is bigcat lies in wait for deer,usually in family groups at this time of year in this case older hinds with kids and yearlings to boot, to cross the stream,it would know by sound alone which 1 was the youngest,the cat being downwind launches itself from the cover of the fir tree grabs the deer by the throat and uses gravity as well as strength to subdue it,dragging it into the stream,the cat is unlikely to use its claws on the deer as it would be struggling itself to remain upright.Fallow deer,even young ones, have immense strength,where i come from we nickname them wood cattle.The deer struggles with the cat or is it visa versa causing the leaves to fall by the waters edge with the cat bracing itself against the bank making the very deep(for a cat) pawprint with above it the scrape in the mud as the cats foot slips down the bank and the deer once killed, being very heavy,can only be dragged to a flat bit of bankside for the cat to eat it.If the cap fits,wear it.I,m waiting for other opinions on this as i can only lay on the table for public consumption by my peers the evidence gathered by myself and the other researcher,season it with some pictures, add my own garnish of thoughts, all dished up in a basin of a plausible scenario..........

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