Friday, 30 September 2011

Muntjac doe and fawn

The muntjac doe and her fawn are showing up often in front of the cam,the doe seems to be eating the brown leaves on the ground of the silver birch which i would of thought to be unpalatable.The acorns are dropping at the moment so many in fact that one nearly hit me on the head the other day.Also dropping are the early,smaller chesnuts and these proove to be a big draw for deer of all shapes and sizes which could be one reason for the increase of big cat activity in these type of wooded areas at this time of year.The oak trees are all over the place but the chesnuts are more locally defined and are more favoured by deer who will askew acorns for chesnuts if given the choice...........

Friday, 23 September 2011

Muntjac doe washing fawn

I am pretty chuffed to get some muntjac fawn pics and this sequence here seems to show the doe being very attentive to her fawn by washing it every now and again.The last 2 pics are 5 nights later so she must be doing it quite often.Haven,t a clue how old the fawn would be but it,s still a bit spotty so can,t be that old maybe 3 1/2 months old if they mature in step with roe but i,m just guessing........

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The fox and the fallow buck

Thinking back at some of the titles i,ve used for posts they have been very simplistic and often,the above is a classic example,sounded like the title of a fable from Aesop.Well this story goes like this;A wise and ancient fox wanders during a nights hunting into a wooded glade and pauses,the heavy scraping sound of hooves coming closer is familiar but not scary and could be helpful,he sits down semi-hiding behind a tree just to make sure.Maybe if he got a little closer the buck may stir up a mouse to be caught.Then,he scratches an itch while waiting,maybe just to be seen to be not bothered in the presence of such a large and majestic animal.Hold on,the buck with the huge antlers is moving,he had better move too just so he doesn,t miss anything.Then both catch sight of a strange glowing red object in front of them that they haven,t seen before which is the trail camera,the fox is wary of it things like that usually have a lot to do with humans and he has learnt to stay out of there way for the most part,not much puts off a buck of this size but both don,t hang around and are gone.Neither the fox didn,t get to his grand old age by not taking notice of out of the place happenings and acting accordingly nor did the monster buck reach his size,stature and ownership of such a huge set of antlers by waiting for something that could get disasterous to happen.
Not anything like a fable i know and i,m just guessing the bit about a mouse but i wonder if the likes of Aesop saw animals like our buck and fox together who don,t normally mix and then came up with a story to match,just like i have done i suppose......