Friday, 14 January 2011

Worthing woman,s finger bitten off by fox worthing woman,sfingerbittenoffbyfox Once again i,m struggling to put links up but this story has just come in off the wire.If your,e interested,Google ""(Brighton)then search the above title.Foxes,fed by well-meaning people,are increasingly coming into conflict with and even enter inside peoples houses which just isn,t a good thing,this sets off a wave of hysteria where everyone(foxes included)are losers.Personally,i only feed the birds in the garden and don,t bait any of my trailcams because i want to try and get the most natural poses from the animals that are about although they do often notice the cam and look straight into the lens.Baiting any camspots just isn,t my thing though i have tryed it in the past ,however i can understand why people would want to do it seeing as it can make things easier, plus, feeding foxes and badgers in your garden can be rewarding seeing "wild "animals just outside your door.However it can increase the likelyhood of disease and overcrowding due to the overabundance of food and indirectly cause the above news story......


  1. Sadly some people forget that these are wild animals and not pets.