Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Rabbit digging and foxes marking in front of the cam

I really like this camspot,although there are no deer around like Fallow or the exotic Muntjac to be snapped there always seems to be something going on in front of it.This Magpie has found something interesting to eat from under the leaves,the Master buck Rabbit is still here and has decided to do a bit of digging or maybe scraping is a better word,there,s not much goodness in the grass in these dark months so he might be after roots or bulbs of some kind.The vixen is marking where the dog fox has sniffed or is it the other way round?On sunday night the sliver of moon gave just enough light for a bit of a trek to hear the foxes at it barking and screaming to each other and i even heard 1 pair mating in some scrub making a right old racket........

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