Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Pair of foxes courting

The dog fox (2nd pic)is hanging around this glade a lot,the smaller,redder,sweeter looking vixen(3rd pic)passes through frequently,though a little less often.By the 22nd he is around for a lot longer and that evening he doesn,t seem to go anywhere else much and seems to be waiting,sitting on haunches at times(1st pic)The vixen shows and they do this sort of snarling while standing on the hind legs sort of caper,i believe the dog fox is on the left.I think this is some sort of prelude to coupling ,a bit like foreplay and it,s possible they were in later pics but right on the outside of the infra red.Never mind,still pleased with what pics showed up........


  1. I really do have do get one of those trail cameras, any recommendations?

  2. I really like these Bushnell XLT,s for their picture quality and compactness but 1 foxes meat is another ones poison as they say!