Tuesday, 18 January 2011

"Pairing up" in readyness for spring /scrubcam

Events have shifted forward a little from the last installments of pics from scrubcam.A gang of 3 cock pheasants have started to make a regular appearance in front of the cam but just on bright days,in fact on the sunny 9th it was a hive of daytime activity with also a magpie,a squirrel and a pigeon showing up but the foggy 11th they mostly stayed away and the wet and windy 14th produced no daytime pictures whatsoever.This only goes to show that providing animals have fed well preceding this sort of weather they will hunker down in deeper cover and wait for better.Our Master Buck rabbit is still doing a little digging and has been on his own since the New Year saw his doe dissapear but the 15th saw 1 doe show up briefly and by the 17th she seems keen enough to stay,these young bucks are not the best choice though as this shows,they don,t remain on guard properly while the does eat,he can clearly be seen to be not actively alert but will be alert enough to escape a predator before the doe will.The pair of foxes that would like to eat them are hanging around a lot together now though not all the time,DNA research has shown that,at least in the research area undertaken,most litters of cubs will have more than 1 sire so vixens do often mate elsewhere as do the dog foxes,he may have a vixen with him but he still must mark his post,this pair should already have mated,but i use the term "pair"in it,s broadest possible sense..........

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