Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Careful now!

Not the best place to stick up a trailcam this isn,t but i was champing at the bit to put 1 here.The place offers everything a bigcat would want at this time of year and when i asked the farmer for permission and told him this he very kindly said i could put it up for as long as i liked so the chance to put a cam up in this wood had to grasped with both hands"but careful now!Be warned,people wander all over the place since the Open Access bill came in,i,ve even had people wandering around the garden,pointing at maps and walking right into the house asking if i did cream teas"in fact,his garden had been mistakenly included in the Access area,his house was,incredible but believeable considering the last (hopeless)labour government we had,listed as a tea shop and he had to go to some office somewhere to get it all taken off.Well i,ve taken some risks in putting the cam up in some places just to try and get that Golden Fleece of pictures on the understanding that most people seeing something not guarded wouldn,t just take it but now i just can,t afford to take those sort of risks as i just can,t afford to replace it for the foreseable future and although i,m not sure even if the person in the picture saw the cam it does mean that someone goes there and that,s dangerous for the cam.......


  1. This Open Access Bill allows anyone to wander around other people's property whenever they want?? That can't be a good thing.

  2. It,s insane,huge tracts of private land are now effectively municipal parks and some of the wildlife like deer and hares can,t rest up in the daytime.....