Friday, 17 September 2010

Typical trail of Llc,s

The picture shows the trail going up the bank,they are typically slightly smaller than badgers(in fact there was a badger run 100 yards further up the road)less damage is done to the surrounding vegetation,with less height to it also.I have found in the past that cats will use their own runs if badgers have soiled theirs although foxes will travel along anywhere they choose.There was no badger fur on the barbs, in fact there was no fox fur either.The dogs also gave their "cat mark" to this trail.In 2001/2 i investigated this whole area for longlegged cats and found pawprints to match their size(similar to the Devils Dyke pawprints blogged in june) and many trails of this type littered the banks and hedgerows.Multiple sightings mentioned these cats to such a degree that i used the country here as a blueprint that satisfied their needs and you,ve guessed it,they crop up at other places similar to here like Maplehurst and Dial post to the east,where i saw my own one......

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