Thursday, 30 September 2010

Is this a pawprint of a Llc?

This 4cm wide pawprint photo was taken where multiple sightings of Longlegged cats have taken place in the area.The two front toes are staggered,typical of cat prints,and i think this is a print of the smaller back foot as i,ve found them in the past to be around 5cm wide .It may also be a smaller cat than i,ve previously seen evidence of however what is staggering is that last nights heavy rain would of washed all signs of anything away and so this is very fresh,made since midnight,in fact all the signs are that this area sees a lot of cat activity.I know it,s not a big print but we,re not talking leopards here,the size of the cat that made this print is around 2o"tall,weighing about 10 to 14 kilos which makes it only twice the size of a tame cat,typical size descriptions from eye witnesses say about the size of a large fox,but this is still far bigger than any of the domestic breeds from where,i think,they came...
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