Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Bigcat growls again

4 or so miles to the west of Lavington heath,still with sand at the feet,lies West Lavington a charming,peaceful hamlet with a lovely pub on the outskirts of Midhurst but separate in it,s own right.Sporadic sightings here in recent times include ones in the village gardens themselves like the growling cat sighting i blogged last month.An earlier sighting of a bigcat that occurred 4 months earlier,again in a cottage garden,a mile down the road where the people were woken at 3 am by the security lights in the garden coming on and their dog acting strangely,whimpering but not barking like it would normally do.They looked out of their bedroom window to see a large,labrodor sized black cat standing by the garden gate,it then looked up at them and growled which is what was described by the other chap last month when he was shutting up his chickens.This was a cat that,when seeing that it has been noticed,growls as a warning perhaps to the person/s.Once is unusual but twice in the same parish a few months apart strongly suggests that it was the same animal that has formed the habit of doing this when confronted so to speak.The descriptions match and further sightings in the area including 2 at Pendean and also the nearby sand quarry now disused and resembling a prehistoric lost world mention a similar cat .Whether the Heyshott cat sighted last winter is the same one is anyones guess but i,m really starting to think it,s a different one from that seen in the Milland area north of Midhurst a lot recently.For a start 2 have been seen there 1 black and 1 sandy but both larger than the West Lavington one, more alsation size,also the country there at Milland is geagraphically different and the timings coincide.The country surrounding West Lavington is thick like Heyshott, very jungle-like and seems to go on forever,again forestry blocks but of different ages and more mixed of different ages and more broadleaf trees intersperced with small fields.It has the old disused Midhurst railway line running through it which is our bigcats old favourite thoroughfare.The place is teeming with prey of all shapes and sizes but i noticed the many deer there were nervous,bordering on the extremely jumpy,while i was there a roe deer actually detached itself from it,s family herd and barked at my presence,maybe there,s something in the springlike water here!I can think of no other place with more to offer a bigcat all year round......

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