Friday, 17 September 2010

Pasture new for the trailcam

I,m afraid i won,t be posting anymore trailcam pics from the secret East Sussex downland location where it,s been for nigh on 3 months because it,s strapped to a another hawthorn tree in a prime West Sussex location 50 miles away.It,s produced some interesting shots but i,ve found no recent bigcat activity there and what with no sightings there for two months, it,s time to move.Big thanks to John for the permission in using his bit of scrub.So,with a kind offer from Midhurst member Paul to place it a friend of his place who has a secluded north facing wood(sheltered from the prevailing souwesterly winds)the oppurtunity was too good to turn down.Taking the bull by the horns i travelled west through the bigcat areas of Lavington and Tillington to meet him at Redford tea shop and believe you me this is bigcat country too.Rolling hills,well drained soil,plenty of mixed woods,more game than you can shake a stick at,what with multiple sightings of multiple types of cat going back decades the place is a near dream place to stick up a trailcam and it,s a priviledge to have the chance.Going along the ancient drove way to the wood and then checking the now dry,winterbourne stream for pawprints,i found roe,badger,rabbit,muntjac also,so i,m told,boar turn up now and then so the shots should be interesting to say the least.I was going to go there in a couple of weeks but a redhot sighting on wednesday nearby at Iping,very well investigated by Paul,meant i could set the cam up and have a look at the Iping cat sighting 3 miles down the road as well,killing 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak.To be fair to the cam this is huge country to snap a bigcat and it could be anywhere here plus with no funneling ground to draw an animal to it i don,t hold much hope,but if you don,t try,you don,t get......

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