Friday, 10 September 2010

Badger tastes the trailcam

I had a bit of a shock when i checked the trailcam yesterday.I check it every week,the batterys and memory can last at least a month but i look forward to viewing what pictures it,s captured,i find it very exciting and captivating, plus if anything has gone wrong ,like then ,i can sort it.The camo net was torn and the lens was smudged although the angle was still roughly right it certainly wasn,t how i left it.The culprit as i played back the 30 second films was plain to see,it was this badger who shows up from time to time.Still, no harm done as it seems this cam is bulletproof and hopefully it will leave it alone now it,s had a taste.I,ve set it for the prime purpose of capturing a cat so even the up close shots should fit the whole body in so the videos now will be a bit overexposed as it points more up to the sky......

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