Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Why do we need sightings?

Sightings from people are probably the single most important source of information.From these we can work out the possible size of population,the movements throughout the year of cats as they travel their territories.Also the different colours,size,sex,numbers of young and when they have them also how long they are dependent.As cats depend on different foods throughout the year we can work out possible proportions of prey in their diet as well as their impact on livestock,gamebirds and believe it or not pets which might bring them into conflict with people.As our understanding and knowledge grows,these sightings continue to inform us on how they are adapting to an everchanging,overpopulated landscape.It,s only through peoples efforts in telling us what they,ve seen ,sometimes in excellent detail,that we can compile all this information for the ultimate benefit of everyone either affected or interested.Ornitholigical and mammal groups also gather info on their particular study groups in this way.In fact,the northern Spanish lynx is also studied like this with sightings info leading to the bulk of research material with actual sightings by the researchers themselves being few and far between.Once a decade on average,so i,m told.I am, therefore,very grateful to all the people who have and will share their time in telling me when they have seen a bigcat.Without you our work would be difficult if not impossible.THANKS!

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