Tuesday, 13 July 2010

More tree scratches

Another week,another investigation,more bones and more tree scratches.These scratches show the hallmarks of claw indentations and although not as vigorous as the ones i blogged in june,are more typical of bigcat markings in that they are mostly vertical and are slightly higher at 4ft off the ground.Both sets bear the similaritys though of being on the edge of a piece of ground,that is near a fence and are on the border of woodland with fields.A sheeps skull was also found together with a pigeon kill and also the compulsory fleece scattered about.Although not that old i could find no obvious fresh signs and seeing as no more livestock has been taken i,ve told the sheepfarmer that in my opinion the beast has moved on.I hope i,m right as it,s troublesome moving away those sort of numbers of livestock which would seem to be the only option of protecting them if the killings had continued.........
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