Tuesday, 6 July 2010

fish taken from pond/6.7.10

I had a call from a friend who lives on the outskirts of Crowborough who has had most of the fish taken out of her pond on the night of 2nd of july.Although the fish were not worth anything ,the pond was firmly netted with stakes driven into the ground hard to ward off herons which it had.The stakes were snapped off and the net was torn up.The garden,as it backs onto woodland with Asdown forest in the distance,is deer fenced and whatever it was that took them would have to of leaped this 5 ft fence.There were no holes under the fence,neither were there any trace of the fish left just a couple of dead ones floating on the surface.The next morning the lady let her dogs out and they went straight to the pond sniffing about and acting strangely.Badgers couldn,t of got in,foxes wouldn,t have had the strength or the fishing skills to catch all those fish and otters,there are none in the area,would of left signs like fish bones and scat around.Bigcats have been recorded taking fish from ponds(see earlier blog)and apparently an old chap down the road who used to feed all the local wildlife has died so perhaps it,s something that was looking for a new food source........

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