Friday, 23 July 2010

Scratches on chicken coop

Posted by PicasaAs promised,for reference purposes,here is the pic of a chicken coop roof that was apparently torn into by a bigcat.The area at the time was host to a fistful of sightings of a large black cat,sheep were found killed in cat-like ways,also deer and scat also on nearby grass.Pawprints matching a large,leopard type cat (already blogged) were also found in the area,all this by bigcat researcher Brian Hale some time ago in north Sussex.The weather was extremely cold at the time with snow hanging about and this picture bears all the hallmarks of what sort of damage i would expect a bigcat to do with it,s claws when it wants to get in somewhere.In extreme cold weather they have been recorded coming close to outbuildings in search of food such as the Tillington sheep kills.....

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