Saturday, 3 July 2010

Deer carcase/horsham/results

Posted by Picasa30.6.10 Well it was with much anticipation that i checked the trailcam at the deer carcase site.The body had gone and on checking the memory card found it had taken 954 pictures,an incredible feat for the rechargeable battery.A huge amount,each one needed checking for the slightest sign of a bigcat even just a tail tip or a shadow.The loading up to the laptop took 2 hours but thankfully the farmer allowed me to park my van near the site so every thing was done in situ so that,if anything of note was found,the cam could be put back in position.The results were:bigcats 0,carrion crows 900 odd,blackbirds and thrush fledglings 41 and only two fox pictures.I had hoped ,at the very least, for some nightime shots of packs of foxes fighting over the corpse,in fact there were no nightime shots and a single fox only showed up on the 6th day furtively and dragged the carcase into the bushes on the 7th.Once again in this area the trailcam showed that fox activity at night was nil.If a cat had indeed killed the roebuck,it seems it had not returned,at least while the cam was there.I found the body when it was about 4 or 5 days old and was already smelly so,perhaps,in the hot weather we,ve been having,a stinking corpse is not to it,s taste and has moved on......

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