Monday, 22 November 2010

Roe deer carcase

It looks like the cats have been buzy these last moonlit nights we,ve been having.3 young roe carcases found 2 of which in the Horsham cats area,the roe here have really been taking a beating it seems.The reports i have and my own observations are concluding there are many (teenage)fawnless does about plus a small number of easily identifyable young fallow are missing in action,presumed dead from neighbouring farms.Of course nothing can be proved about those ones but of the 3 carcases found,they can.Pick of the crop of the carcases is the 1 here photoed literally just after the event the blood was still drying and roe flesh quickly blackens which this hasn,t.The feeding site was very clean,meticulous in fact with very little mess or fur lying about,i will try and dig up the other photos which show a different perspective of kills.The skeleton here is intact,the fur "gently"pulled back and the ribs neatly sheared with the innards all gone and no mess anywhere to be seen.To watch a video on this investigation go to You Tube and search "bigcatdetective"...........

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