Sunday, 7 November 2010

Firle beacon/sheep carcase

The morning after the bonfire of the night before finds me the other side of Lewes with the need to walk off the previous nights activitys.1st stop Mt.Caburn where the cats have been spotted on a number of occasions,a search round only revealed that the sheep had left the sidehill so a quick move down the road to Firle beacon gave the chance to look round where a plausible sighting was noted way back in august.I did check it out briefly back then but now is far different what with the summer flowers gone and the skylarks silent.Walking halfway up the sidehill just below a clump of hawthorn,a weather worn sheeps skeleton lay on the turf(pictured)What,s so bigcatish about that i thought?Then noticed that it,s skull was missing.A good look round showed up another in a nearby gulley,again,the rest of the bones were intact minus the skull.This one was hidden away a bit.Well it was hard work to track down the farmer,impossible in fact because i didn,t on this open access land so i have no way yet of knowing the situation surrounding these deaths also the date to see if it coincides with the sighting but the skulls missing is interesting in itself.Bigcats are well known for sometimes removing the skulls of their prey........

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