Thursday, 25 November 2010

Deer fur close up pic

On request,shown here is a close up of the deer fur for research purposes,when i run into the chap who is an expert at this kind of thing he will be able to tell which part of the body it came from.It,s "hairly"likely (sorry!)it came from the neck which would of been in the cats jaws at the time,but i,ll have to wait and see what he says,i think it does because it,s a bit shorter than body fur and there,s some whiter bits which is present on the neck.In the top right hand corner of the picture on the left there is the hole in the grass which is actually a hoof print,amazingly there seems to have been little struggle and i believe what happens is the cat grabs hold of the deer by the throat and throttles it quickly, the deer tenses a bit but the shock causes endorphins that release in the deer anaesitising the pain and so it is effectively "in shock"and doesn,t buck, rear or struggle very much,this is common in prey species who get preyed on a lot.This type of thing can be viewed extensively on You Tube.My point is that one may of expected a huge struggle going on between cat and deer but this doesn,t happen and the ground proves it to a certain extent......

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