Thursday, 18 November 2010

Only 2 Fallow counted

There was only 2 Fallow pictured on the cam when i checked it today,this was after 2 weeks set up at a place to see how many are there.There,s something not right here,although there were plenty of rabbits,pheasants,squirrels and crows no roe at all,i know they do tend to stick to the dense woods in the wet and windy weather we,ve been having recently but this place is as sheltered as can be.The object was to give the farmer some pictures of wildlife to look at and hopefully tell him how much protection the trees he,s planning to plant next month would need beyond the usual trunk guards.If the place was heaving with deer the trees might want to be ring fenced as well as the other measures to stop them eating them which can get really expensive but in this case i would imagine he would want to concentrate on stopping the rabbits as there were loads of them.So where have all the deer gone?Is the question i,d like to answer and of course i,m looking at the bigcat possibilty straight away.A fortnight ago there was that fox carcase and the other subjects missing from the cam were the foxes as well plus the 2 dead myxy rabbits i stashed for the foxes and badgers to find were still there where i left them although very rotten and riddled with beetles,this in itself is incredible.If there was a fox within a mile it would of found that sort of thing and so would of a badger.The farm and the surrounding area is fairly quiet at this time of year there and so i,ve been allowed to carry on and try to get to the bottom of this mystery so the trailcam stays put,also next week once the fields dry out a bit after all this rain we,ve had there will be a better chance to have a look round for any more evidence as to what,s going on.....

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