Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Roe buck or two

I can,t quite decide whether this is 2 different roe bucks,the last 2 pics could possibly be of a younger one and it does seem to be of a lighter build and have slightly smaller antlers but then that may be a trick of the light.The other thing i,m not sure about is whether in the 4th pic the buck is drinking from the stream as roe deer are not meant to hardly drink at all ,it,s an obscured camera angle and i may try and put the cam in a different spot here to try and include the stream bed in the middle of the action but it was hard enough setting it up here in the first place.False triggers due to the vegetation meant 6000 odd pics to go through from the first day and the following few days the cams battery had gone so who knows what went past it then.
Anyhow ,it,s all change on the cam front in the quest for the Holy Grail of wildlife pictures,those of a big cat, so we will have to wait and see what this cam spot throws up,one was seen just half a handful of fields away from here.It,s no good putting a camera up where it,s been unless i think it may come back,sometimes they do,sometimes they don,t........


  1. Definatly two deer my man, I think that these trail cams are going to be the best chance of getting a picture of your elusive quarry my man, time will tell.

  2. Time will definitely tell......