Sunday, 22 May 2011

The fox cubs are on the move

All over the place the fox cubs are on the move away from their den sites,i also picked up some pics of a badger in this new cam spot and pics of them are as rare as chickens teeth in areas where a big cat has been active (where i try to put my cams)so maybe one hasn,t been here after all as lack of badgers is my new litmus test of an area that cats like,i really don,t know if a cat has been here or not just assumed it was a good place as there are hordes of rabbits and plenty of thick hedgerows,the roe should be here as well but seem to be lacking for some reason,they haven,t showed up on the cam yet but i did see some little signs of them(some poo)The roe doe in the 2nd pic from the other spot seems ready to drop as she,s looking very bulbous........


  1. Bit far away but the best shot i,ve had of them......

  2. Any time shared with a badger is pretty cool, if you ask me!

    Just ask Mr. Mole or the Water Rat.... :)