Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Heavy looking roe doe

After some teething or should i say seething problems with this cam spot i think i,ve sussed it now so why should i move it?Well this stream on the right of the picture had a fair bit of water in it 4 weeks ago when i first
scouted out the place but now there are only little pools of water.Although we are in the middle of a drought,a spit of rain only since mid march,this stream ,as i realise now,is a winterbourne and offers a perfect little summer run which the fox cub (you may have to enlarge and squint a bit to seeit) in the first pic is
using to it,s advantage.So next time i go will be to try and move it and get the stream in as well as the main run which goes just to the left of the cam as it is now.The roe doe looks about ready to drop and according to deer expert Richard Prior ,who,s forgotten more about roe than i will ever know,they start dropping fawns from mid april to june with a peak around the 20th may.
Near the top of my wish list is a roe fawn with it,s mum but a gaggle of fox cubs will do,the cubs are starting to move about a bit with the vixens now and although grey looking are starting to look like proper foxes......