Thursday, 31 March 2011

Roe buck in velvet with a doe in tow

This buck looks a bit skinny with his ribs showing but i think he,s eating the new spring greenery that is emerging now.I,ve also removed the offending twig on the left of the picture and tilted the camera down a bit as the dawn shots were a bit dark because of the sky showing.I find it takes a while at a new cam spot before the camera is set up how i want it but i,m quite pleased with this place that i only set up as an experiment,it,s got a few branches in the way that may set off false triggers in the wind but we,ll have to wait and see.The roe had disapeared a month ago when a big cat was active in the area and have taken nigh on 3 weeks to return along with the dog fox but the vixen is no where to be seen..........

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