Thursday, 3 March 2011

2 fallow deer in the daytime

I forgot to upload the pictures last first,a strange quirk of Blogger,so these pics are back to front.I,ve noticed the deer are around more in the daytime now,these 2 black fallow look like they are looking to feed,this would suggest that food is a little short for them even though some sheltered grassy spots and the winter wheat have started to grow.The hazel is starting to bud but i,ve not noticed any being eaten by deer yet so it,s probably not far enough advanced in growth for them yet.Fallow are grazers as well as browsers so food for them is rarely far away unlike for the roe who have to search it out more.Black fallow are typical of Sussex spreading from releases from Petworth and a couple of smaller estates in the middle of the last century i think it was,in the New forest they are the classic brown and more spotty in summer.......

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