Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pheasant just walks past mangy fox

In an everyday world a pheasant wouldn,t just walk past a fox as it looks like one has done here but this fox has got a pretty bad case of mange and it looks like it,s very uncomfortable to say the least.Excrutiatingly painful would probably be more accurate and a very commonplace sight as well at the moment as i,ve seen a lot of mangy foxes around but not seen them twice so i would assume they actually die of it.....


  1. Maybe the pheasant could sense that the fox was just not up to the chase. The fox does seem to be in a bad way, cannot say that I've seen much evidence of this here my man. What,s the cause, insect or mite infestation or something else?

  2. I think it is some kind of mite but don,t see it in the summer for some reason probably because they aren,t underground much.It,s been a very bad winter for it......