Thursday, 24 February 2011

Jay with one of its acorn stash

Deep in Sussex,never mind a picture of a big cat,it,s not a mystery why there are no feral cats that stumpish cam is targeting because it,s been a month now and not a sign of any of them.When this cam was here before it picked up 2 different ones regularly now zilch.There,s a lot of scrub clearing being done nearby and i,ve an inkling this has disturbed them,in fact in 2 weeks no roe either have showed up.The scrub in question is maybe a third of a mile away but thick,impenetrable thickets are exactly what animals need to lie up in,animals don,t like to be disturbed and they don,t like a place that has disturbance,they like the place to be quiet and "messy".It,s a real shame,it took decades for that scrub to grow nice and thick like that and i would of bet a penny to a pound that roe and anything else would of been in it any day of the week.This sort of caper is going on all over the place at the moment,i know of at least half a dozen sites across Sussex, even by so called "wildlife friendly people",they may not realise in their ignorance but that little bit of "tidying up"they are doing is destroying the only piece of lying up cover around for several parish,s.Well,they will miss the nightingales this year because they won,t show up there now.Anyway,this jay here has managed to find one of the acorns it stashed way back last autumn.........


  1. Hi BCD,
    Funny that you should mention the 'good intentions' of folk, I have a neighbour who volunteers for a wildlife group here in N.Wales, quite startling how blinkering his ideas of preservation are. I'm no expert, hell no but at least I'm open to learning this guy? just cannot get past the idea that a wild area should be like a well ordered garden and nothing will sway his opinion. Try and discuss it and its the ol' I'm older hence I'm right default line, ah well there ain't nothing as strange as folk.

  2. Helo Murphy,i love the wildness of some of North Wales,sorry to hear some are trying to tame/desecrate it......