Saturday, 26 February 2011

foxes sit together scratching

This is all the pictures in worth blogging from stumpishcam,just a jay,couple of rabbits and these 2 foxes,nothing else.I had teamed up with a local wildlife group and together with their trailcams plus one of mine we staked out the whole place to gather evidence on the feral cat movements.At least 15 years they have been hugging the area using the overgrown hedges and scrub for cover to move and lie up in but the neighbours scrub clearance has cleared them all off.All the other cams have been lifted and mine will follow next week,it,s a tragic coincidence that we started this project the very same week that the new owners devastated the ground.I do have a fistful of other projects lined up including a hare survey i,ve been waiting to do but this was the only chance to get some real info like dates and times of the movements of ferals which may of shed some light on those of the big cats.
Still,at least it displays as a perfect example how any piece of ground cannot be looked at in isolation.It shows how destroying the links between woods like the hedges and also the only dense lying up cover in the area will alter it,s attactiveness to certain wildlife.Woods,scrub,thick hedges,streams and ponds,pasture and arable fields all are interlinked and each provide certain needs for certain animals at certain times of the year.Destroy one,the link in the ecological chain is broken and the wildlife will alter their usage of the area drastically thus reducing the overall population densities and biodiversity.The foxes and the rabbits are born survivors though,they adapt readily but even so they will feel the effects.........

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