Thursday, 10 February 2011

Fox scares 3 roe deer

Stumpcam is back!Though for a slightly different purpose,ive teamed up with a local wildlife group in order to pool our resources,i,m particularly interested in the feral cats that pass through here as they may have similaritys in movements with their much larger cousins and the wildlife group have their cams plotted up elsewhere on this farm,i,ll explain more on this joint project another time.The stump is now in the corner of the shot and the run is in prime view.This sequence of shots show what i think may be a vixen or a small dog fox,i ll be sure of which after i,ve seen them a few times,creeping under the holly bush and a minute or so later the roe rushing out.They don,t go far though as the cam shows.These roe seem a bit jumpy to be scared by just a fox but then she or he might of been on a mission,either hunting for food or hunting for a mate.......

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