Thursday, 5 August 2010

Did a bigcat set the trailcam off?

We had a sighting that,s just come in(amongst all the others).A bigcat has been spotted literally 100yards from where the trailcam is placed but still no (big)cat pictures however every morning just about the cam is setoff but nothing in the picture.There,s a slight delay in all trailcams and if an animal is fast moving it won,t get snapped,all the settings are spot on so for instance a rabbit will set the cam off but a moving branch won,t and all the other pictures have animals in them.It,s maddening,we are so close to getting that vital photographic evidence but a miss is as good as a mile in this game, they don,t stay around an area for long so time is of the essence.Predictably, the foxes have dissappeared which is a golden sign that a bigcat is active in the area and the dogs marked a nearby bush(their tails wag and they have a certain posture when they smell signs of a cat)i don,t think it has been round here for about 2 months so judging from it,s previous exploits i,ve got another week to get the pictures.Iv,e now set the cam on video to see if that will pick up the beast.Time will tell..........
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  1. Good luck. Have you thought of putting up a second camera in the location at a slightly different angle.

  2. No i hadn,t Shaun,that,s a good plan,thanks for the idea....