Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Bigcat stands its ground

No,not this one but another far bigger.Had a call earlier from a lady in West Lavington,who stated that her son was shutting up their chickens at dusk last thursday and saw(i,m awaiting full details) a large,black,labrador sized cat with a very long tail in the hedge .When it saw that he had seen it,the cat stood its ground and growled at him.What is remarkable about this is that whilst bigcats when seen often look back from cover thinking that they haven,t been seen,it,s unusual ,almost unheard of(forgive the pun)for them to growl like this.I have 100% confidence in the sighting,the lady sounded very sincere and there have been multiple sightings in the area of a cat this size,shape and colour,in fact i have been monitoring the cats around here for many years and searching through my memory banks remember one just down the road.What,s more i have a theory that these lab sized cats around here are the females as much larger ones have been spotted at the same time but not with them as such.As i say it,s just a theory but if this cat that was seen by the chickens was a female perhaps she may of had a cub or two with her and so was being protective and warning the chap off so to speak.Cubs born in march would be travelling quite well with their mothers by now and it is nearly the time of year when we usually get sightings of larger cats (not the massive ones)with 1 or 2 much smaller ones with them but of the same type.Indeed it,s not unusual for bigcats to go for chickens,late last year a lady on the Goodwood estate found a very large cat on her chicken house roof and that,s not very far from West Lavington at all.I even have photos ,that i,ll blog at some point, where a chicken house roof in north Sussex was scratched ferociously,a sheep was killed in a cat-like way,scat and large cat pawprints were found and so like foxes,bigcats would find chicken coops very enticing at times and i can,t see what else that West Lavington cat would of been doing there or why else it growled........
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