Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Badger skull

Last week,while checking out a sighting,one of the dogs came back with this badger skull.It,s teeth were very worn,one had actually broken off in use,and judging by the size came from an adult.It needs to be looked at by an expert to judge cause of death if that,s possible,but i,m guessing old age.I,ve heard of badgers being observed dragging out their dead relatives and apparently burying them in nearby rabbit burys,only to be dug up by foxes.So i,m very pleased with this find as i,ve never found an oldage badger skull before.Is it possible that bigcats could prey on these formidable beasts occasionally?They are very palatible,they were eaten with relish in medieavel times, the legs preserved like gammon is today.It,s just a thought that maybe a powerful animal like some of the larger bigcats would do this but to find a badger skull or any other bones is pretty rare so finding any evidence of this happening would be rarer still............
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