Thursday, 20 October 2011

Squirrel flicking tail at pheasant

This squirrel is getting territorial over it,s patch,they can get very aggressive at this time of year and are probably being possesive over the acorn drop.Pheasants eat them too.A friend related a story once of a squirrel launching itself at his terrier which was rooting amongst the leaf litter one autumn,it reminded my friend of one of the last scenes of Watership Down cartoon version when an ill fated rabbit flew at the farmers dog,despite the squirrels sharp teeth there can be only one outcome.In fact only the other day someone told me of a squirrel who came up to them chattering and flicking it,s tail ,there has been such a big acorn drop this year that it can,t be hunger just,i suppose,force of habit on the squirrels part......

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