Sunday, 30 October 2011

Fallow buck eating mushroom

Just by the rabbits nose in the second pic is the mushroom that the buck later eats,although there is a white fleck on the skin that shows that the rabbit may or may not of taken a piece of it Alice in Wonderland style the trail camera does seem to show that rabbits are not big fans of shrooms.The huge fallow buck though eats not only this big fully ripe shroom but also the half ripe ones next to it or at least just the caps and not the indigestible stalks.I had lightened the pics via Picassa 3 however the viewing improvement hasn,t come through Blogger so each pic needs to be enlarged to actually see not only the mushrooms themselves but the chewing of the deer.All the shrooms that came up in front of this trailcam got hammered by one species of deer or another in a short space of time,i don,t know what species of mushroom they are and i don,t recognise them on any "fit for humans list" but the deer must find them very good to eat.All types of deer are noticeable by their absence in the open fields but a wander through any thick woods about now will throw up sightings of deer......

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