Friday, 3 June 2011

Roe doe with kid

This kid looks very young,too young to be trotting about the forest like this in daylight so i assume the doe thought where the kid was lying up wasn,t safe either that or her browse was running out,whatever the reason it,s extremely rare for this to happen but then the trailcam is in a glade amongst some very thick cover so maybe they do shift their kids about quite a lot for no apparent reason in these type of places but it,s not seen much.What i don,t like to see are pictures taken by humans of roe kids in their lyes as the does know a human has been about and shift them exposing them to needless risk just for the sake of a picture or 2.I have seen a roe doe panicking at the edge of a field while a nature rambler photographed idly snapping away who was no doubt thinking that their indiscretion would have no ill effects.........

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  1. Good catch. I still haven't gotten any of our whitetail fawns on camera this spring.