Friday, 17 June 2011

Be it dry or be it wet

Be it dry or be it wet,the weather will always pay it,s debt so goes the saying.The 3 month drought has been smashed to smithereens by 2" of rain this week so all us growers can rest a little easier in our beds now and this good soak should bring things on a little though it,s too late for some stuff like maize.Big cats have been in the media spotlight again this week with a pawprint on the tv show "Real rescues" and a statement by a wildlife crime officer that they (big cats)do exist.Problems with all things like blogger connected to laptops at the moment has prevented me from posting a link but i have put one up in the news bit on to this site in the side column)For some reason Blogger won,t let me comment on blogs,not even my own,but i,ve posted these brace and a half of pics especially for Trailblazer,it,s a rat neatly skinned inside out by what i think was a fox found by one of my mutts in the field opposite the trail camera that took the fox with a rat in it,s mouth picture.......

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  1. Alright! Very cool.

    Thanks for sharing!

    BTW..I suddenly started having the same problem posting comments on my blog or other blogs too when I use Microsoft internet explorer. To comment on blogs (even mine) I have to use "Google Chrome"...which is Google's internet browser...maybe Mozilla works too (I haven't tried that). Sort of annoying because now I end up with two browsers running simultaneously (becuase I'm so used to coming on the computer and instantly firing up Microsoft.