Sunday, 26 December 2010

This is interesting,this fox sniffs the top of the stick that has been marked by another fox,a dog fox,then sits down for a bit and watches him ahead(the dog fox is at the far end of the trail)she and i,m assuming by the smaller size that it,s a vixen,then follows on straight afterwards.They are breeding at the moment and this is preceded by much flirting for want of a better word.Foxes do have pretty loose territorys and this is proved by the huge number that can gather around deer kills,last winter in a tiny 1 acre wood there was a fallow carcase that i thought had been pulled down by a bigcat and i put up 6 foxes from there just looking for other evidence,which just goes to show that when a lot of food like that is lying around they will lie up for the day within yards of each other....

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