Saturday, 11 December 2010

All quiet on the western front

It,s all quiet on the western front,the eastern front,the...There have been no reports of bigcat activity coming in at the moment at all.After the frenetic activity of october and last months finds of 3 deer carcases found in 5 days,the Sussex cats have gone off the radar.I can find no trace of the Horsham cat whatsoever and believe i came very close to it at 1 point,while i was visiting 1 farm on an almost daily basis i believe it had made a kill 2 farms on.Now though it could of made its way to 1 of the huge forestry blocks in it,s range like St.Leonards,as for the others like the Bexhill,Offham,Balcombe and Midhurst cats they are pretty quiet too but i would imagine the recent rise in temperature yesterday and the waxing,night-setting moon(it sets at 22.14 tonight)will help them in their quest for food,this coupled with a steady westerlyish wind(warmer,moist not bad scenting conditions)and they should find hunting a little easier than the have of late.It,s well known in rural circles that animals like rabbits,hares and deer range far and wide on a waxing moon even on to the 3rd quarter and this helps their predators to catch them.However from the last quarter to the new moon ie. the darkest nights they are at their stillest and less likely to fall into their hunters grasp.The reasons for this are mostly to do with the light levels but old fashioned country wisdom also explains other reasons that are best explained by "lunacy",in other words the effect of the moon (gravitational pull)on all living creatures,weather patterns,tides,etc. etc.Back to the cats and a mild night,a steady wind and a decent sized moon and they should have full bellys by the morning.I wish them well.(the picture above shows a full moon above the downs with Firle beacon in the distance)........

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