Sunday, 10 October 2010

Iping sighting/My conclusion

For a start, a 4cm wide pawprint would make a cats paw to be about 5cm wide including the skin, etc. and that,s far too big for our cat in the video,big though it is.In fact there was a smaller print on the run as well,found on another visit that certainly seems to fit the bill so far as this cat is concerned.So what animal belongs to our 4cm wide print?That is the mystery that after all this work still hasn,t been solved.Secondly,the witness described a far bigger cat with a question mark tail,not the flat tail of our star in the video,she also described a very slim body shape "like a cheetah"again not the well fed tubby cat,"it had long legs"well,i would describe the cat in the video as having short and stubby legs,cute though it may be."The size of a labrador ",it was noon when the witness saw it,not the tricky,half light of dusk and no matter what the shadows a domestic cat can never be described as a labrador by any stretch of the imagination not forgetting that the witness was no more than 50yards away from the animal and had a very good look at it and saw it move which is very good for size comparison(this is why i like video more)To be honest,i like a nicely tied up investigation concluded to some degree of certainty whether the evidence and/or sighting shows the possibility or not of a bigcat being there but this whole saga really does leave a lot of questions unanswered.My verdict?The video of the tame cat doesn,t prove that the sighting was a case of mistaken identity merely,it displays the fact that,like the badger videoed there,several different types and species of animals will use a trail,including the local domestic cats.It may of been fawn too however there are a lot of big,black cats seen but i,m willing to bet that black domestic cats are one of the most popular to own,i know,i used to have one and he could never have been described as the size of a labrador.The trailcam has already filmed 1 or 2 tame black cats in the vicinity of multiple sightings of a leopard style cat and they could never of been confused so it seems cameras still don,t lie,they just distort the facts.....

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