Sunday, 10 October 2010

Iping fawn cat mystery solved

I really don,t think we could of been much more thorough in this investigation following up the sighting of a fawn coloured cat or maybe we should of,i will explain.We found the witness to be perfectly genuine,fur was found wrapped round blackberry stem barbs,quite alot in fact,which would suggest high activity of this trail,it was soft,unlike any animal fur i,ve previously found.Also a lot of padding but no clear prints,then came the rain and a hastened visit revealed the 4cm wide one,not quite big enough to be a Llc but definetly big and cat shaped,a wider recce of the area turned up no other on the ground evidence.It was time to call in the artillery,the trailcam,positioned and baited with(don,t laugh)some cat biscuits.The results speak for themselves,left for 4 days pointed at a 17" high barbed wire fence fence clearly shows a 12" odd high massive male tame cat.Looking at the pictures back at the catmobile(my van) this fawn cat could possibly be the fawn cat in the Iping sighting and so a case of mistaken identity ought to be recorded,of course there may be 2 fawn cats 1 of which is far bigger but the chances of that are?Anyhow,time for the bigcat investigation circus to move on,this has been a simply gorgeous place to visit,peaceful countryside unblighted by the massive urban developments further to the east of the county spreading like a rash and so hats off to the 22000 acre Cowdray estate in whose hands some of it has been managed,how they look after it well,so do the other owners like Chithurst monestry.For the cam it,s a new spot,we,ve just had a fresh sighting just in at Steyning and i had promised to count the deer with it on a farm where i sometimes work,which is just up the road.So mystery solved,goodbye to Iping and with a bag full of some of the biggest chesnuts i,ve ever seen,some are the size of conkers,it,s east we go but,hold on a minute there tiger,i,ve overlooked some crucial evidence in my haste to come up with believable answers and that is not the end of the saga by any stretch so that is the subject of the next article......

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